A Bumpy Road

This has definitely been a bumpy road. But in the best ways!! I’ve figured out how to do life with a baby bump that is a constant reminder of what is to come. That more or less, might be ACTUALLY bumpier. Being a mom is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done. But I am ready for it! All of my energy and priorities this last month of pregnancy has been catered to the “next” phase of my life. MOMMYHOOD.

Nesting is a really thing. I am getting this place ready for our little baby bird.


Kitchen Nest
Living Room Nest

Sometimes it is hard to go through pregnancy knowing that my husband is not experiencing the same sudden urges that I do. My husband doesn’t want to nest or prepare baby’s room. He wants to build up his car and ride his bikes. I guess men prepare in their own way. Yeah? He’s probably thinking he needs to get as much of all what feeds him before Baby Bennett gets here. I hope that it is an okay transition for him. I hope, that for me, it is as well. It’s interesting to me how different women and men approach pregnancy and preparing for a baby.

I am 39 weeks tomorrow! I am so so close. The midwife said that she is comfortable with me going 42 weeks. However, I am very much open to a conversation come the week 41! I’m not thinking I will be very comfortable. The discomforts I have right now are manageable. But I know that Baby B will just continue to get bigger and bigger.

We have an ultrasound on Tuesday. I am praying that everything will be okay. At the growth scan our midwife told us that Bennett looked like he may have a dilated bowel. From my understanding- that means that there may be a potential intestinal blockage. This would make it very difficult for him to digest food and would require surgery after he is born. The first scare as a new mommy. I am putting my faith in God that everything will be okay. An MFM doctor will take a look at it on Tuesday and confirm. I hope there is nothing to be wondered about. I am so grateful that Shelby will be able to join me for that appointment. God, please look after our little boy. I want nothing more than a happy, healthy baby.

This pregnancy has gone really well. I am so grateful for that and honestly so humbled as well. I know that it not the norm for women to be as mobile and strong throughout their pregnancy. I have enjoyed being able to do much and definitely take advantage of that. I have hiked, walked, even jogged occasionally with this belly of mine.

It has been a bumpy road- but next stop- BABY LAND. 👶🏼

Beanie is trying out Bennett’s first bed. He approved.
That Baby Glow ✨

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